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Smart RCD

Smart RCD

The Tii SmartRCD is an EN61008 compliant self-testing, auto re-closing, electronically integrated RCD. This 2 pole unit is designed to directly replace existing RCDs to allow the end user to comply with BS7671 17th edition regulations regarding periodic testing. The unit is microcontroller based and can be custom programmed with a desired test schedule. The default test period is 90 days, eliminating the need for a competent person to attend and carry out the periodic test.

The SmartRCD is ideally suited to be housed in remote, hard to reach equipment or street furniture. The micro-controlled electronic device, unlike most traditional RCDs, is designed with robust immunity to noise, EMC, and start up currents only to react to real life fault conditions. In the event of a transient fault or nuisance trip caused by lightning or something similar, the SmartRCD will restore the AC mains contacts automatically, eliminating a costly truck roll.

Additional benefits: Master and Slave communication, allowing 2x30mA SmartRCDs to be installed in the same circuit. The master device will never trip before the slave device on a downstream fault occurring from the slave device. Any fault occurring upstream of the slave will trip the master device as per normal requirements.

  • SmartRCD with 30 day test feature, designed to work in conjunction with the Tii discharge self-test unit available as a separate item. The SmartRCD breaks the power for 30ms once a month and the secondary self-test unit registers this as a monthly flick test. On the 12th monthly test the SmartRCD triggers the self-test unit to hold the power off on the emergency backup lights to discharge the 3h battery. On successful completion the lighting unit comes back to normal operation, if the battery fails the light goes into a slow blink to indicate battery failure.

  • EN61008 - IEC61008 and BS7671 compliant, CE marked

    • TUV tested and registered

    • Available in: 2P10/13/16/23/25/32/40/63 line currents

    • Available in: 30mA/100mA and 300mA fault currents

    • Trip time: 40mS maximum

    • DIN rail mounted, quick release clip

    • Operating temperatre range: -25°C to +55°C

    • Push button controls

    • Mechanical indication of contact position

    • External data port to connect to

       UPS battery monitoring device,

       alarms, or remote triggers

    • Terminal size: 25mm tri-rated

       cable core 35mm solid cable core

    • Latched state technology,

       minimal power dissipation

    • 3 successive re-closures before

       STEOF (self  test end of life)

    • Protection class:  IP20

    • Breaking capacity: 500 Amps

    • Earth grounding systems: TT and TN-S only

    • Voltage rating: 230Vas +/- 10%

    • MTBF: 800, 000 hours

    • Re-closure suspended if real fault is present

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