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Multibay Distribution Enclosure

Multibay Distribution Enclosure

The Multibay distribution enclosure is a three compartment enclosure with active cooling. 

The left hand side is used for incoming power and backup, center is used for 19 inch mounted equipment , and the right hand compartment is used for copper connectivity.


Contact the sales team for more information or any changes to this cabinet.

  • Cabinet nominal sizes – Size – 1800mm (W) x 470mm (D) x 1500mm (H)

    Nominal weight – 305kg

    Root nominal sizes – 350mm High x 650mm Deep x 1800mm Wide

    Nominal weight – 40kg


    Ingression Protection                                    IP44

    Anti-Vandalism Impact Rating                   IK10+

    Design Life                                                         20 Years

    Complies with Enclosure Standards        EN62208 / EN6043-1 / EN 60439-5

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