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Eurack Style Rack

Eurack Style Rack

The Eurack Rack range consists of built to order racks made from moduar parts to suit any equipment, with various acsessories to ensure all racking needs can be met.


Eurack cabinets are constructed using a rigid welded frame, joined by strong corner jointing plates, connected by horizontal distance members.


Cabinets are available in a wide range of sizes capable of housing the full spectrum of equipment mounting practices.  19”, 23” and ETSI can be accommodated in 600mm width Cabinets and above.  24” can be accommodated in 700mm width Cabinets and above.


Frame construction allows all cladding (doors, side panels etc.) to be housed within the external cabinet footprint, so maintaining overall dimensions when designing suite lines and optimising accommodation availability.


Please contact the sales team to build the perfect rack for your application.


  • A comprehensive range of accessories are available, including: Shelfs, Chassis Rails, Power Distribution; Cable Management, etc.

  • Whatever the requirements of a specific application, whether functional or aesthetic, Eurocraft’s team of design engineers will find a solution, either by customising an existing product or developing a solution from scratch.

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