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Today's engineering, protecting tomorrow's technology

World-class enclosure solutions

Trusted partner. Eurocraft have a long history of providing critically enabling enclosure solutions that underpin the telecommunications sector. As an essential partner to major network operators, the company helps its clients maintain competitive advantage by safeguarding investments in essential technology and infrastructure.

Custom enclosures. Eurocraft is one of the largest and most successful designers and manufacturers of custom enclosure solutions in the UK, integrating traditional metalworking with latest materials and techniques. Their industry leading products house electronic components and cabling essential for telecomm applications, along with a growing range of diverse technology applications and needs.

Designed for life. Eurocraft are committed to providing enclosures that are fit for purpose, delivering reliable performances that meet the challenges of a variety of operating environments. Sustainable design is essential to Eurocraft's products, adding value by enabling effective deployment, through in life serviceability and ultimately end of life decommissioning.


Total solutions provider and dedicated project management, from design through manufacturing to final test, Eurocraft is the trusted partner of market leaders.

Today’s engineering, protecting tomorrow’s technology.

Dudley College welcomes Ed Miliband

“Apprentices welcomed the Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour party, to Dudley College during his recent visit...”

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Enclosure solutions meet a range of housing and protection needs, across a number of industrial applications such as broadband, telecomm and data handling.


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